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Optinet from Aircuity


Aircuity is a leading airside efficiency company providing building owners with sustained energy savings by optimizing ventilation rates through its intelligent measurement solutions and ensuring peak building performance through Aircuity Advisor Services. By combining real-time sensing and continuous analysis of indoor environments, the company has helped commercial, institutional and lab building owners lower operating costs, improve safety and become more energy efficient.

Aircuity Provides Healthy & Productive IEQ: Aircuity provides continuous monitoring of the  indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and informs building ventilation systems to respond to changing conditions. This ensures a healthy and productive environment ideal for higher education facilities.

Aircuity “Smart Lab” Demand Control Ventilation for Life Science Facilities: Aircuity’s Lab Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) system accurately measures airborne contaminants on a continuous basis and informs building management controls so that proper ventilation is maintained. When the air is clean, ventilation is reduced, saving significant amounts of energy. When issues are detected, ventilation rates are raised to design maximums until the air is clean once again.

Insight and Intelligence for Peak Performance: Aircuity Advisor™ Services provides a suite of software based tools that apply statistical analysis to data collected by the Aircuity OptiNet System and presents it in a proactive and easy to interpret format.  From classrooms to labs, libraries, student centers and sports facilities, Advisor provides actionable information to optimize building performance and to validate ongoing energy savings.



TRIATEK founded in 1985, is a growing, privately held company based in Norcross, Georgia. TRIATEK manufactures a complete line of building control products that seamlessly integrate with most building automation systems on the market including but not limited to Johnson Controls Metasys™, Siemens System 600 Apogee™, Automated Logic Webctrl™, Andover Controls, Teletrol, Alerton Technologies, and many others.

valve calibration
Additionally, most of our products are LON, BACnet and MODBUS compatible, and are, therefore, poised to be at the forefront of the industry’s inexorable move towards open protocols and integration.

Penn Barry

PennBarry is a leading manufacturer of full service ventilation products for commercial and light industrial applications. Having been formed from the consolidation of several well-known HVAC brands, including Bayley Fans, Penn Ventilation, Barry Blower, Industrial Air, and SupremeFan, many key products from these brands are still made available under the PennBarry name.

To stay competitive in today’s marketplace and respond to changing customer requirements, PennBarry continues to evolve. Whether it is through the development of new products, exploration of new technology, or simply streamlining manufacturing processes, PennBarry is able to quickly respond to industry trends and market needs in order to serve customers better.

PennBarry has become very active with several leading organizations to to improve building ventilation equipment and help shape the industry. It is through this involvement that PennBarry continues to lead the industry with product development, LEAN manufacturing processes, and green building practices. From continued expansion of our Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) program, which focuses on reducing waste and energy usage at all of our plants, we believe that through the commitment at every level, that PennBarry will lead the industry into a greener future.



Genesis Air


Genesis Air Systems combine MERV 13 filtration with a revolutionary two-stage process to clean and purify the air. It removes pollen, mold spores, dust, and many other sub-micron particles.

It also protects HVAC equipment from particle contamination. Compared to other major air cleaning technologies such as air filters, HEPA filters, UV lights, ozone emitters and charcoal media, Genesis can accomplish more for less. Using UVGI and GAP technologies, Genesis systems creates a “cloud” that purifies the air as it passes through it.





Mafna has the ability to deliver an innovative and affordable air handling unit encompassing all available technologies delivered by a team of experienced engineering professionals. Mafna offers creative engineering and innovative product design.







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