10 Reasons to Make RCx Laboratory Re-commissioning a Priority for Your Laboratory

Whether your laboratory is relatively new or has been around for decades, a periodic review of your airflow control systems is essential to maintaining design-engineered specifications and overall laboratory performance. To better understand why an RCx Laboratory Re-commissioning from Ingenuity IEQ should be a priority for your lab, please consider the following:

1. Laboratories are dynamic environments.

Even if your laboratory was commissioned when it was originally built (many were not), it has likely changed over time to meet changing needs. The addition or removal of fume hoods, snorkels, walls or partitions will change the airflow requirements of a laboratory. Also, if equipment is overridden or disabled by occupants (not uncommon), laboratory performance will be affected, even if things seem to be working properly.

2. No news isn’t always good news.

Many laboratory owners assume that if no one is complaining of noise, noxious fumes, out-of-control temperatures or other safety and comfort issues, then everything is working fine. But based on our extensive experience in engineering, servicing, commissioning and re-commissioning labs, we know that serious operational problems affecting airflow, safety and energy efficiency can be present even though occupants are not complaining. You need to take a closer look.

3. Annual fume hood recertification isn’t enough.

Though fume hood recertification is important, it doesn’t provide the complete inspection, testing and verification of your laboratory airflow control system and comprehensive documentation of results and recommendations that RCx does. It also doesn’t identify energy saving opportunities that, when implemented, typically save our clients 15-20% a year in energy costs.

4. RCx tests your lab under extreme conditions.

As a part of our extensive review of your lab’s performance, we test airflows and room pressurization under multiple scenarios, with fume hoods open and closed, and with maximum heating and cooling parameters, to assure optimal system performance even under extreme conditions.

5. We apply best practices to set benchmarks for your lab.

The results of airflow and pressurization testing are documented and compared with industry best practices to establish performance indices for each individual laboratory and to help you manage your facility operations for optimal safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

6. We give you your diagnosis in writing.

One of the outcomes of RCx Laboratory Re-commissioning that our clients value most is the detailed documentation of all aspects of their laboratory operations. Our detailed re-commissioning report estimates the dollar impact of each recommended improvement, as well as the estimated payback period. This report is a valuable tool to assist you in implementing repairs on a priority basis and monitoring status of the recommended work. It also provides an objective report of safe operation that can be shared with industrial hygiene departments, safety officers and government agencies.



7. We don’t just tell you what’s wrong; we fix it.

The RCx report is a working tool that gives you a complete picture of the status of your laboratory airflow control systems, and the cost/benefit of undertaking recommended improvements. Our engineers and factory-certified technicians are trained to maintain airflow control systems at the safest, most efficient and most economical level. With your approval, we will implement needed improvements promptly, and you’ll soon begin realizing a decrease in energy and operational costs.

8. Our research won’t interrupt your research.

We know how important the ongoing work of your laboratory is, so we schedule our RCx process to minimize any impact on research activities. All fieldwork is coordinated with your facility manager or designated contact to give us access to your lab during off-hours as needed.

9. We enhance safety and comfort for productivity and peace of mind.

A high performance laboratory is a lab in which airflow control and related systems have been inspected, tested, validated and optimized. Only then can the lab owner be sure that the work environment is safe and comfortable for occupants, without smells, sounds or sensations that threaten their health or productivity. This is the assurance that an RCx from Ingenuity IEQ can provide.

10.You can reduce your carbon footprint and increase your research budget.

With energy costs taking a large slice of the operations budget every year, a 15-20% reduction in your laboratory’s energy bill is an opportunity you can’t afford to ignore. Imagine what you could accomplish if those dollars were channeled into research instead!

Take 10 minutes to find out more about RCx re-commissioning for your laboratory.

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